Halo Loaner Unit

Halo Loaner Unit

Simple Booth

Halo Loaner Unit is a used product strictly for temporary use. Customer is solely responsible for the safe return of the unit within the time frame indicated below.

Halo Loaner Unit is not for sale and return shipment must be shipped and in transit with FedEx using included return label, or a label provided by the customer, no later than 2nd business day after last date needed. If customer uses their own shipping label, the customer must inform Simple Booth and provide tracking information. 

Halo Loaner Unit may include a device (iPad)  preloaded with latest Simple Booth software. In these cases, Unit may only be used with included device. Do not remove the device from the Halo hardware. 

Simple Booth will schedule a courtesy Fedex pick up for one day after the last date the loaner is needed. If the pick up is missed for any reason, the customer is responsible for either dropping the Loaner Unit at Fedex for shipment, or informing Simple Booth immediately so the pick up can be rescheduled for the following business day. Simple Booth will only reschedule the pick up once. After the second attempt for Fedex to complete a pick up, the customer will then be responsible for either rescheduling a pick up, or taking the Unit to Fedex to be shipped. 

The deposit for Halo Loaner Unit will be refunded within 2 business days of the Unit's arrival at Simple Booth and is contingent upon all components being returned in the same condition they were when shipped to customer. Any damage or missing items/components are subject to fees deducted from the refund price, or delayed delivery of permanent hardware purchased by the Customer. 

By purchasing the Halo Loaner Unit, you agree to these terms and conditions.

$ 500.00